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Trading Signals: Futures Trading with signals explained

The best crypto signals for Discord and Telegram. Easy to understand and even easier to trade by everyone. Take the Advantage and make Profits!
Leaked premium crypto signals providers
PumpBot Future Signals are only available for the Pro Subscribers. Because you can trade them all day long and hence can make nice profits everyday. 🚀
We have leaked the best premium crypto signals you can possible have: always win trades, bitcoin bullets, fed russian insiders and many more!

What are premium crypto signals or VIP crypto signals?

You can find many groups that offer so called trading signals or crypto signals. All of them have a public telegram group where they share teh profits and results from their paid or so called premium/VIP groups where they share more trading signals.
And those are the crypto signals we relay from them so you can get the best premium signals in one package.

What results do premium crypto signal providers show?

Above you can see a few examples of the results or profit and loss for a whole month from such a premium signals group on telegram.

One day Futures Trading: Profit Results

This is how easy you can trade our Future Signals. Below you can see my one day results from our Future Signals. As you can see we had:
  • ✖ one Loss
  • ✔9 WINS!
This would have resulted in a one profit of 178%! 🚀 Which is pretty awesome and a good way to make profits when there are no Pumps or New Coin Listings.
Future Signals one day results: 9 Wins and only one Loss

My easy and stupid Strategy

For the above results I made something really easy and stupid. I just opened the trade set 25% Profit as Take Profit and 50% as Stop Loss. Done. And then I waited 🤣
This is how easy you could trade those Signals. With more time and work you could have done even more Profits... But I wanted to try the most simple way to do so and even that got me some nice results. 💯

What are Crypto Signals, Future Signals, Trading Signals?

Those so called Signals help you to trading and making profits. Crypto Signals are made by algoriths, artificial intelligence and experienced human traders. They tell you everything you need to know to open your trades. This will improve your trading and makes as easy as it can be. 🙌
You just need to wait for the Signal and open the trades accordingly at the cryptocurrency Exchange of your choice. 😊
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You are a crypto trader yourself? or have experience with technical analysis and so on? No problem. Our Crypto Signals can help you as well. You cann see them as idea for a trading set-up. Use the coin name and the direction (long/short) as basic and do your own analysis. This will help you and increase your win rate and hence your profits. 🚀

How do Crypto Signals work?

Crypto Signals are very easy to use. You get everything you need in one message via Discord or Telegram.
  • Coin name: BTC / USDT
  • Type of the Trade: Long or Short
  • Entry Price or Zone: 30,000
  • Take Profit or Targets: 31,000
  • Stop Loss: 29,000
  • Leverage: 20x
And that is it. You go to your favourite Exchange (Binance, KuCoin, Gateio, Bybit, Hotbit, FTX, Coinbase, Kraken and so on) and open your position according to these values.
If you are experienced you could change the values. You can use higher or lower leverages and so on. 🙌

Where do I see/find the Future Signals?

You can find the future signals in our Discord Premium Area after you subscribed or soon in a private Telegram group.

What do you need to trade future Signals?

This is pretty easy.
  • a device with internet connection (smart phone, computer)
  • a crypto exchange where you can trade perpetual futures (Binance, KuCoin, Bybit, ...)
  • our future signals ofc.
  • a few minutes a day
And that is it. You can trade all the day from everywhere. 🤴

What are futures Signals? perpetual? Leverage? Shorts/Shorting?

What is going short or shorting?

When someone says he goes short it means he bets that the price will fall. When the price falls he is able to make a profit. This means you can make profits from falling prices and that is why we trade futures. ↗

What is Leverage?

With leverage you can increase your profits or loss. For example: you do a long trade with a leverage of 10x and the price moves 1% up. On the money you invested on this trade you would make 10% profits instead of only 1%.
BUT: if the price would fall and you hold a long position you would make a loss of 10% instead of only once. If the price would fall 10% you will lose the whole positon, because with the 10x leverage you have a loss of 100%. 💯
Cross or Isolated: always use isolated trading instead of cross. Because your position will be liquidated instead of all your open positions.

What are Perpetual Futures?

Futures are contracts like CFDs. This means you don't buy the actual cryptocurrency you buy a contract for those.
Check out the Binance Accademy for more information on this here.