Manual Selling or Panic Sell

Here you find more Information for manual Selling. Since version 190921 the current profit is displayed permanently.

Manual Selling

Below you can see what the bot shows when you want to sell manually. There are now three columns.

After the purchase, the chart opens in the browser. I.e. you have to go back to the bot to be able to sell. Just click on the bar/head of the program (where the Logo and the path is displayed), not on the black area! Otherwise the Bot will stop displaying updating the values. You then would need to hit enter twice. (First: Bot continues, Second: Bot sells)

Price Change

Seconds past

Update Intervall

The percentage changes related to the purchase price are displayed here.

This shows how much time has passed since the Buy Order.

This shows how long it took the bot to get the new prices.

The values โ€‹โ€‹shown here are no guarantee that you will actually sell with this profit. This only serves as an aid. The prices are also subject to very strong fluctuations and the Exchange might not be able to provide up-to-date market prices! Those please dont rely on thise numbers for 100%! Also when you sell the Exchange needs to find buyers for your sell order. This could results in different prices and profits, you could end up with more or with less. This is a little bit of luck.

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