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Get the Telegram Channel Id

How to find the Telegram Channel Id?
below I will show you three ways to get th Telegram Channel ID. Remember it always starts with -100.

Option 1: How to get the Telegram Channel Id with Json Dump Bot

Here is explained how you get the Telegram channel ID. Go to the channel you want to scrape and select any message and select "forward to". When the popup shows up you need to search for the "json dump bot", as you can see in the second picture.
Picture 1: select a message and forward it to the json dump bot
Picture 2: Above you see the Json Dump Bot
The last step is to send/forward the message to that Json Dump Bot. It may take a while till the Json Dump Bot will return an answer. Now you have to search for the ID that starts with the number -100. You can see that in the picture below. Copy that whole number and save it.
"telegramGroupName" : -100XXXXXXX
Picture 3: Search for the -100 number in the answer of the Json Dump Bot

Option 2: Use the @userinfobot to obtain the channel ID.

It works the same as Option 1, it might be easier to understand. You process is the same as above. Just relay a message to the @userinfobot and you get the channelId.
How to get the channel id with the userinfobot in Telegram

Option 3: Use the web-browser and Telegram

Use Telegram web and switch to the "A" version. This will display a part of the Telegram group id, see picture below:
Telegram channel Id web-browser solution
Okay, as said earlier, the Telegram channel needs to start with a -100 and hence we only need to add that betweent the minus and the first number. Done.
-1622357669 -> -1001622357669