๐Ÿ’ปPumpBot - Telegram Detection

Here is how you can test the Telegram Detection of the PumpBot.

We have an Telegram Channel where old Pump Messages are sent every few minutes: https://t.me/s/testjoth

You can use this for Testing the Telegram Detection. You could also create your own Telegram Channel for testing. For our PumpBot Subscribers we provide a seperate Test channel so they can test the Discord Detection.

Here is a full guide from our blog

First test

On the first test the Bot will ask you for:

"Please enter your phone (or bot token):"

You enter your phone number in the international format starting with a +

After that Telegram will send you a verification Code and the Bot will ask for that.

This needs to be done once. The Bot will save your telegram verification as .session-files.

Sandbox Mode for Discord and Telegram Detection Testing

You can use the "Sandbox"-Mode for Testing the Telegram and Discord Detection. This way you see if the PumpBot gets the message and detects the coin, but will not buy the coin.

For this you just need to set the "manualQuoted" : 0. This way the PumpBot will give an Error when he tries to buy the Coin.

Testing the Telegram Detection

First you need to get the telegramGroupName. If you dont remember how to get that go back to the "Telegram and Discord Settings". It was that with the "json dump bot" in Telegram and I wont give you the result here. You should be able to do it ;-)

๐Ÿ”pageTelegram and Discord Detection Settings

After that you need to set the "blacklistWords" Parameter correct. If it is wrong the PumpBot will find the wrong coin. If it doesnt work on the first try, dont worry you can try as often as you want. You can also go back to the "Telegram and Discord Detection Settings" and read about the "blacklistWords" Parameter again.

๐Ÿ”pageTelegram and Discord Detection Settings

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