๐Ÿ“–Guide: Crypto Pump Detector

This is the guide for the Crypto Pump Detector Bot or Crypto Pump Catcher Bot. Both names mean the same Bot. We want to detect prepumps with them.

This is the configEXCHANGE.json

The file names may vary, because I am working on them.

    "coinPair": "BTC",
    "manualQuoted": 0.0005,
    "buyLimit": 1.0,
    "createOCOOrder" : "True",
    "takeProfit": 1.20,
    "stopLossTrigger": 0.9,
    "stopLoss" : 0,
    "panicSell" : "True",
    "priceChange" : 1.01,
    "minDuration" : 1.8

KuCoin has no: minDuration or sleepBetweenRequests, it wasn't needed.

I will shorten this Guide. The Basic settings (coinPair, manualQuoted, etc.) are the same as they are from the PumpBot. I will only explain the new Parameters and how the Bot works.

๐Ÿ“–pageGuide: Pump Dump Bot


Explanation for the Pump Catcher Bots or Crypto Pump Detector Bots. In the below picture you can see that the Bot is able to protect you when the admins try to perform a scam pump and dump and the coin is being pumped too high.

Pump Detector KuCoin

KuCoin is a little bit different, because it was made and optimised for the KuCoin Yobi Pumps. And it doesn't need the volume change.

Price Change

This is the X% price change since the Bot loaded all prices for all coins. This is used to screen all coins for the Pump. priceChange is defined as 1.01 = 1%, 1.06 = 6%, 1.10 = 10% and so on.

"priceChange": 1.03,

The above settings are for testing. This should pickup a Coin very fast. For the actual Pump the recomened settings are: priceChange: 1.06 to 1.55 or even 2.5 for Hotbit Pumps. To illustrate this see the below picture.

Volume Change

This is needed for Gate.io and Hotbit Pump Detector Bots because of the number of small coins available at those exchanges. The volume change is refering to the 24h volume. 1.1 means the volume change needs to exceed the 10% of the volume in the last 24 hours.

"volChange": 1.1,

You can disable this setting by using a "volChange": 1.0, this will ignore this parameter.


This is only important when you use a super fast VPS with low latency or when you start the detection very early. This is to avoid to be blocked / rate limited by the exchange.

"sleepBetweenRequests": 0,

If you don't use a VPS you can simply let it as 0.

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