๐Ÿ”จOperate the new coin listings bot

A Explanation on how to Operate the New Coin Listings Bot.

How to operate the new coin listings crypto bot

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In short:

  1. Enter the newly listed Coin Name: e.g. BBF

  2. Enter the issue price or use "X"

  3. Enter Start Date and

  4. Start Time of the Coin

  5. Expert Settings (if you want)

DONE. ๐Ÿš€

Complete Guide:

1. New listed coin name

After you have done your Buy and Sell configuration in the config.json just start the Bot as you do with the PumpBot. The program will ask for the coin name, which will be listed on the exchange, for example "SWASH" (listed on 31.10.2021).

2. Issue price for the coin

You type in the coin name and hit enter. The next step is the 'issue price' the crypto Bot will ask for. This is the Price of the new listed coin. You habe two options which you can choose.

  1. You enter the price for the coin, for example 0.123. You can do this when the coin is already listed at a other exchange and the given issue price is too low.

2. special "X" use as issue price:

You enter "X". This means the Bot will check two different prices from the orderbook. The first price when the new coin is listed and the second price after Y Seconds. In the next step the bot will ask you to enter the seconds he should wait between the two price checks.

-> The Bot will only buy when there is a rise in the price between the two prices he got from the exchanges orderbook. See image below.

3. Trading Start: Date and Time

The next thing to do is to type in the start date and the start time of the trading for the new coin. Gate.io will ask if you want to enter the trading start date and time manual or automatically get it from the exchange (y/n?). If you type in 'y' and hit enter the Bot will continue. If you type in 'n' the crypto Bot will ask for the trading start date in the first step and for the trading start time in the second step.

  1. Start Date Format: YYYY-MM-DD, e.g. 2021-10-20

  2. Start Time Format: HH-MM-SS, e.g. 09:00:00

4. Expert Settings

This is Experts Settings for the new coin listings Bot. This is to subtract the ping you have to the exchange (first on Gate.io). The Bot will sleep till the Trading Start and after that send the Order to the Exchange. This means your are a few milliseconds late with your order. So now you can send the message earlier this could help that the Order arrives exactly at the Trading Start.

If you have a high ping/latency, you can reduce the Trading Start by that time. For that you can check your latency to the Exchange and enter the value for the latency/ping. (e.g. 10ms = 0.01). Check your latency from the logfile, the bot saves when the order arrived at the exchange as unix timestamp. If you are too early Gate.io might cut your connection and you cant buy the coin. When used with "X" it is when the Bot will first check the Orderbook.

If you dont know how to use this just enter Zero: 0


  • Trading start is at 10:00:00

  • The crypto bot sends the Order at 10:00:00 to the Exchange. The Order takes some time to arrive at the Exchange which would be 10:00:00:035, so 35 milliseconds late.

  • Now you can enter in the Expert Settings 0.035 and the Bot will send the Order at 09:59:59:965 so the order arrives at 10:00:00:000

What happens when the Bot sends the order too earlier? The Exchange will reject the Order and say something like "Trading is disabled untill XXXX".

This is okay, because the Bot will just send another Order to the Exchange. The Disadvantage? You could be later. So when you dont know what to do, just enter 0 in these Expert Settings.

5. Done

Congrats! You are done. The Bot will now show how much seconds are left till the trading start for the coin name you have entered. 60 Seconds before the trading start the counting on the window will stop and the crypto Bot will load all information needed to buy the new listed Coin. It will sleep for that time. It hasnt stopped, it just wont display something anymore. Just wait.

Trading Start

As soon as the timer has ran out, the crypto Bot will try to buy the newly listed coin on th exchange. Dont worry, often there are many attempts necessary untill your limit buy order gets filled by the exchange. When this is done the crypto bot will move on and will place your limit sell order (if selected) or show the window so that you can decide to sell manual by pressing 'Enter'.

Using "X" as issue price is the more secure way. But you are later that for sure. When you use "X" you can also go with a lower buyLimit like 1.5 or even less.


And you are done! This crypto Bot for new coin listings and new coin announcements is really easy to use. The best profits can be made when the new listed coin is on no other exchange listed.

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