PrePump Protection

The PrePump Protection will protect you from to high entries and Prepumps from the group admins!

Pre-Pump Protection

In the Settings you have read about the option to choose between market buy and limit buy order. By setting buyLimit below or equal to 1.0, a market order is executed (not for By setting a higher value, the bot buys through a Limit Order if it is executed.

The PumpBot gets all current prices at the time you start the bot, i.e. either when you start Telegram Automation or when the field for entering the coin appears. The buyLimit parameter sets a limit order with the price = buyLimit * price when the PumpBot is started. This means that if the price has risen above this value since the start, the limit order is placed but no longer filled because the price has already risen too high. That means the coin has already been pumped.

The sooner you start the bot, the sooner it has all prices and based on these prices, the values ​​for the buy limit order are calculated.

Here is a small example:

The buyLimit option is set to 1.2. The PumpBot has already loaded the average prices of all relevant Coin Pairs. The limit order is set at 1.2 times the average price the Bot has loaded on it's start (after the first 'Enter'). If the current price is still below that, the order will be executed immediately. If it has risen higher the PumpBot will say that the PrePump Protection was triggered. This then means that the price has already risen too high and buying into this Pump is no longer possible for the Settings you made.

Real Examples:

This is very important and will save you from a lot of losses and will save you from bad Pumps!

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