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Guide: Futures Bot

Full Explanation of the Crypto Futures Bot and how to do the Settings.

What do you need for this Futures Bot

  • An Bybit Account and be able to trade Futures (no KYC needed, for US users you can use a VPS or VPN)
  • Your Discord User Token or Telegram API to connect to a channel/group
  • Computer, VPS or Raspberry Pi you can run 24h a day
  • Operation System: Windows (soon other OS, or Linux via "wine" command)

What is in the Download

Below are the files that you get with the download.
  • Futures Bot(s) as .exe-files for Bybit and Bitget
  • bybitAPI.json
  • bitgetAPI.json
  • discordTokenTelegramAPI.json
  • userSettings.json

Current Limitations

  • You might not use more than 3 or 4 bots at the same time or it could cause rate limit problems.
  • only available for the Bybit and Bitget Exchange (KuCoin is planned)
CAUTION: If you have a unified account on Bybit you need to create a sub-account The bot currently does not support Bybit unified account.
SOLUTION: Create a sub-account on Bybit