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Your system might think it is a Virus?

Super sensitive windows defender or antivirus programs could label this program is harmful - but it is not.
It is not a virus or something else, super sensitive Windows Defender or Antivirus program could think it. I sadly have no chance against windows defender or antivirus programs - If you know how to fix this please contact me.

The Answer: No. It is not a Virus 😊

Then, why does my Windows system think your .exe file is a Virus?
There are a few possible answers:
  1. 1.
    Your System does detect all .exe files from unkown sources as Virus. That is what it is good for. I could send it to Microsoft and they check and validate it. Why dont I do it? Because it would cost a few thousand dollars. And that for every program, every exe file. So I decided not do it :)
  2. 2.
    The Bot needs to be able to:
    1. 1.
      create an internet connection,
    2. 2.
      needs to read your hostname (nothing special, just the name of your computer) for the licensing
    3. 3.
      needs to get your computer time,
    4. 4.
      needs to be able to write to your computers harddrive for the logfile (the file where the bot writes down every thing he does)

Still insecure? Here are a few options ✔

  1. 1.
    Ask our existing Members in our Discord or Telegram Group
  2. 2.
    Use it first on/in a:
    1. 1.
      a virtual environment
    2. 2.
      a sandbox enviroment
    3. 3.
      a windows VPS (virtual private server)
So the program is not a Virus. If you are still unsecure about this, just ask in our Discord or Telegram and our PumpBot Members will answer you the same. Sometimes you might run the program as administrator so it has the right to create and write the logfile.
Btw. this happened to me as well, right before a new coin listing. I started the Bot, closed it because I wanted to make a few changes to the settings. Opened the program again and windows said it was a Virus. I had to rush to deactivate it to make that new coin listing, which I then luckily made.