create KuCoin API Keys

How to create your API Keys for the KuCoin Exchange

API Keys for KuCoin Exchange

API keys are not difficult to create. These are needed so that your bot can make purchases and sales. The most important thing when creating the API keys are the authorizations. All your bot needs to be able to do is buy and sell. In the picture below you can see which authorizations are required for the bot.

The KuCoin Passphrase is the Password you used to create the API Keys. Not your 6-digit trading password.

The easiest way to do this is to just watch the following video on YouTube

Another point that struck us. KuCoin is an extremely slow exchange compared to Binance. The order is placed by the bot within 0.1 seconds, but the exchange takes some time to fill this order and to reply to the bot how much was bought. This is a problem with KuCoin, which the bot has unfortunately no influence on.

Save your Keys

Now you just have to save your two keys and enter them in the bot and off you go.

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