create Bybit API Keys

Set the right Bybit API Keys permissions for crypto trading bots - no withdraw needed!

How to create your Bybit API Keys

See how you will get your API Keys for the Bybit Exchange to be used in our crypto trading bots for spot and futures/derivatives trading.

  1. Create new API Keys

  2. Select "System-generated API Keys"

  1. And select "API Transaction" under "API Key Usage"

  2. For Crypto Trading Bots you will never need to allow "withdraws" from your account. This means that no one is able to withdraw funds from your accounts with the correct permissions and you ensure the maximum security.

  3. Under "Add IP addresses(Optional)" do NOT enter your IP address, because you won't have a static IP. You IP will change and the bot can't access the exchange and trade for you.

  4. Click "Submit".

After you did this just copy and paste the shown keys into the bybitAPI.json. The secret Key will only be shown once.

  "apiKey": "enter here",
  "secretKey": "enter here" 

API Keys on Bybit are only valid for 3 months. This means you will need to do this every 3 months again. Don't forget that :)

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