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create Gate.io API Keys

How to create your API Keys V4 for the Gate.io Exchange

How to create your APIv4 Keys for Gate.io

Yes, it is API Keys v4!! not v2.
Log into your Exchange and go to the API section as you can see in the picture below.
Here you can generate your APIv4 Keys on Gate.io
You only need to enable "Spot"Margin Tade" and "Read And Write". This allows the crypto bot to connect to the exchange and trade. Never allow "Wallet" or "Withdraw"! Only allow to trade and your coins are save. Dont use the IP Whitelist, because the IP of your computer changes and then you would need to add that IP as well. So it is easier when you dont add an IP to the "IP Whitelist".
Select the following permissions for the API Keys v4