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Future Pumps and Crypto Pump Groups

Crypto Future Pump groups are fairly new and might be able to become the new chance to make the biggest profits - at least now, as we are early adopters.

How to find future pumps - How to spot future pumps

Future pumps have their name from trading perpetual future contracts. This is where you can make money with falling prices 😉
At the time of writing this the two future pump groups I have found are only availavle to our Pro and Ultimate Members.
Let's be honest future pumps are really hard to find because they only work with large market cap cryptocurrencies that can be traded on the future market. The good thing you can trade them on almost every exchange where you are allowed to trade futures, that is the good new.

Who do future pumps work?

Why does it work? Maybe you have heard from the so called "short squeeze" of the meme stocks Gamestop, AMC and so on. The same tatics are behind this future pumps. When many short contracts are about to get liquidated they have to buy back the coins and hence the price will pump. That is what those future pump groups do, checking the market for this possibilites.
When a chance is found they will call everyone to LONG or SHORT to push the open contracts into liquidation and hence inflate the price or dump it even more. That is the whole magic behind these future pumps.

Future Pumps and Crypto Pump Groups Examples

Below I will list a few examples of successfull future pumps from two future pump groups I have found so far. I will explain in short how you can spot the entry for a signal, because it isn't that easy.

Example: Futures Pump of DOGE/USDT

As you can see in the below example this fullfills every above mentioned criterion for an upcoming futures pump.
  • the liquidation of many short orders
  • some meme talking
  • profit pictures that show that the admins are really in the trade
From the first announcement to peak you could have done eta 6% - with leverage up to 300% 🙌
Futures Pump from a pump group of DOGE - liquidation spotted

Futures Signal/Futures Pump for AXS/USDT

This futures pump evolved a little bit different. They started right away posting a picture of profits where they have been in the trade for 3.2% (with leverage 17.52%). Maybe I just missed the beginning here 😂
This was an awesome futures pump. From their first "futures signal" to the peak we saw 12% (or 61.65% with 5x leverage) 😊
Someone with stronger nerves could easily go for a leverage of 25 which would have resulted in an overall profit of over 300%! 🚀
Futures Pump of AXS/USDT

Futures Pump or better futures signal for BTC/USDT

This one was a good one, with lower percentage on BTC! When you are able to spot those liquidation orders.
In this case we saw a surge of 3% (with their leverage 15%). Which isn't that impressive but still with some higher leverage of let's go nuts and say 50x you would have done 150%! 🚀
Futures pump or futures signal for BTC 1
Futures pump or futures signal for BTC 1


Future pumps happen not that often but they do have a few important advantages over normal pumps.
  • You can use more funds! With pumping for large market cap coins like BTC, AXS or DOGE you could invest a few thousand bucks. No problem with liquidity
  • Long-lasting: those type of pumps last for hours sometimes even days! So no need to be there in the first milliseconds.
  • After your LONG you can short them! After the LONG and when everyone is closing their positions you could even SHORT those pumps to earn from the falling prices! That is even better 😂