Install and run on a Ubuntu VPS

Here we show you how easily you can download, config and run the PumpBot Futures Bot on a cheap Ubuntu VPS

How to install pbot (short for pumpbot) on your linux machine/vm ?

With just a few commands you can run the FuturesBot on your Ubunut VPS which will cost you less then 9$ a month.

VPS List: - google cloud (click for link)

Minimum System requierments:

  • 2 GB RAM

  • 1 vCore

  • Ubuntu: 20.01

Run this script once in google cloud vm terminal:

sudo apt-get install megatools && megadl && echo 'megadl && source' >> ~/.bashrc && source

What it does?

It Downloads File used for bash scripting . Script itself is open source and can be viewed on this link:

Command list:

Here are the commands you can use to run the Futures Bot on your VPS.

pbot setup - does first time setup install required dependencies for pumpbot (wine ,megatools etc) and starts configuration

fb list - prints available signals channels for choosing with fb launch command

fb launch - launches selected signal channels in backgroud (selection must be separated by spaces.

fb check - checks wich signal channels running signal in backgroud

fb kill - terminates backgroud processes

fb log - opens log file for selected signal channel

fb debug - automatically checks for errors. in case there is an error it promts use to check out log file.

fb config- configures futures bot settings (discordtoken, bybitapi, etc

fb fastconfig- configures settings only for FundsPerTrade and NumberOfTakeProfits

pb setup- Downloads required files for running pumpbot.

pb config- automatically opens configurations file located at ~/PBot/pumpbot/license.json , usersSettings and telegramAPI . navigation in opened files can be done using arrow keys. after changing anything in the file to save it just press CTRL+X then Y and hit ENTER.

pb launch - launches pumpbot in wine(wine is emulator for running windows based applications)

pbot - if you just type this command, it will print on the terminal that you should use pbot help in order to get available commands list

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