Sniperbot, Frontrunning Bots, etc

Read below to understand how our Chainsniper PumpBot works: The Mempool Bot

Our new Chainsniper PumpBot is a Mempool Bot. To understand what is a Mempool Bot, read below.

This is outdated. Chainsniper is a partnership with Coyote - Crypto Sniper bot here.

What is the difference between other Bots and Chainsniper PumBot?


Other Bots

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Ojter Bots are classical bot It scans the blockchain for liquidity and price check


Limit Orders

Chainsniper PumpBot

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Chainsniper PumpBot is a "mempool bot" This is same technology than front run bot, or front running bot,

it is the fastest technology available

Sniping for advanced users

In short term :

If you run your own Private Node, you can buy in the SAME BLOCK where liquidity is added

Here is a proof on the 2 Tx in same block:




In blockchain terminology, a mempool is a waiting area for the transactions that haven't been added to a block and are still unconfirmed. This is how a Blockchain node deals with transactions that have not yet been included in a block.


Front-running is the โ€œact of getting a transaction first in line in the execution queue, right before a known future transaction occurs.โ€

Mempool bot

A mempool bot is a bot able to scan this waiting area, so as to be able to buy a token as soon as liquidity is added --> in the same block

Front-run bot

A front-run bot is a mempool bot, but configure to "sandwich" your transaction. When it detects your transaction in the mempool :

  • It buys a lot of tokens right before you, to make the price rise

  • YOU buy at a very high price

  • It sells this tokens he just bought, and make benefits

Can I use Chainsniper PumpBot with default nodes

Yes amd No. Using Chainsniper is better than no Bot, but if you really want to be the fastest there is no way around an own Node.

If you want good results on Chainsniper PumpBot, you need to use a private node (or at least rent your own node on Quicknode).

  • RPC nodes often detect bots scanning mempool and block them

  • RPC nodes are slow and will not give you good results

  • Some RPC nodes do not allow you at all to scan mempool

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