Sniping Tips - General


This page is here to give you tips, PumpBot is not responsible for your possible losses. We have a certain "experience" in sniping, this is why we dare giving you those friendly advices.

Should I use the bot if token has "anti-bot protection"?

Be careful ! Antibot protections cannot be bypassed. But we have implemented many parameters to avoid them.

pageCounter anti-bot measures

General advices

  • Be careful with "super hyped listings" Because of front-run bots, be really careful if you choose to snipe a super-hyped listing : front-run bots will kill the listing... 80% of the time you'll lose money here.

  • BUYPRICE : don't set it too low Don't try to buy exactly at the listing price : always keep a margin for your trade. --> if the IDO price of a token was 0.15$, for instance, set the buy price at 0.25$ or more (depending of the listing "hype")

How to set up the bot to snipe a coin launch if I dont know the price? Many people ask this question. It's a difficult question to answer.

Of course, if you don't know the price, you cannot set up a "normal" price in the bot. You need to set up the bot to "buy at any price".

For this, simply put "BUYPRICEINBASE": "100" for instance. It will buy your tokens if price of 1 token < 100 BNB/ETH.

  • SELLPRICE : don't be too greedy Don't put too much difference between Buy and Sell price. My advice is : Sell 75 percent on a double. Keep 25 percent for moonbag.

  • SLIPPAGE : make it high It's very important to have a huge slippage on listing... If it's a "hyped" listing, my advice is to put... 49%

We also introduced an UNLIMITEDSLIPPAGE option in the bot. If you want the bot to buy tokens no matter what slippage will be, use this option. Be careful slippage could be very high!

  • GAS price : be generous โ›ฝ

    Mostly on ETH, Gas price is very important. There's a lot of transactions in the same block, so be generous! The best way is to use GAS = BOOST option. Chainsniper recommend to use a 30% boost.

And remember : it's also a matter of luck

Sometimes your buy price will be too low, sometimes your sell price too high...

Front-run bots often manipulate the price so much that the listing is wasted...

Be patient, do some research, select carefully your listings, and don't lose faith: you'll make it!

How to check a token contract?

If you want to check if a contract does not contains malicious code, here are a few useful websites:

We've added a RUGDOC_CHECK option in the bot : set it to "true" and the bot will use RugDoc API to check if token is likely a honeypot before buy.

Here is a list of good Telegram Channels where you will find new listings:

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