๐ŸคซPump and Dump Secrets

Here I share with you one of the best tips I and many members use when it comes to pump and dumps.


This is what I calculate in my head or on paper before I do a Pump. This is my secret (not anymore now ๐Ÿ˜‰) PumpBot formula:

buyLimit + takeProfit = max Pump Peak - margin of safety

The "takeProfit" can also be the panic sell when you wait for that profit to be reached. You dont need to use the actual takeProfit feature. Just have that number in mind, see how the pump evolves and stay in longer or sell earlier.

  • max Pump Peak is what I think the maximum peak could be (or check past pumps)

  • margin of safety the percent of safety I use (in case I am wrong and the pump is not so good, or the volume in the peak is smaller. And dont believe the pump groups projected gain.)

-> those two variables could be as follows: max pump peak: 60% and margin of safety is 10% for me, this yields:

buyLimit + takeProfit = 60% - 10% -> buyLimit + takeProfit = 50%

based on this I can decide what I want the buyLimit and takeProfit example:

  1. 40% + 10% = 50% -> higher buyLimit but lower take Profit, the chance of entering the Pump is higher (buyLimit = 1.4; takeProfit = 1.1)

  2. 20% + 30% = 50% -> higher Profit and higher chance of PrePump Protection. (buyLimit = 1.2; takeProfit = 1.3)

So, this is what I do before every Pump. Maybe this helps you in getting more profits and doing better decisions. You can check out the ๐Ÿ“–โ•นpump-analysis Channel in Discord for the past Analysis of Pumps.

๐ŸคดBecause many ask me about my personal settings fpr pumps: I dont use a TakeProfit or StopLoss Order. I only use the panic Sell. So,when the Pump or new Coin Listing goes extremely well I am able to achieve the maximum Profits.๐Ÿš€

Choosing the perfect "buyLimit"

First of all there is no perfect buyLimit, some buyLimits worked with the same groups again and again. But it is different everytime, with the time you get a feeling for it and sometimes you just don't enter the pump because your maximum price has been reached already. Here is an example for the above said:

Example Configs I used

KuCoin Pump Dump Bot config

Below you can see one config I used for a pump. This is just a example. This doesn't guarantee any profits - no financial advise.

Personal opinion: I never use TP or SL. I always only use the panic sell function, where I only need to hit enter. I often use the "secondsToKeepLimitBuyOrderOpen" : 7, because there is sometimes a huge bot spike in the first second and when I wait I might be able to fill at a better price to maximize profits.

    "coinPair": "USDT",
    "manualQuoted": 540,
    "buyLimit": 2.3,
    "secondsToKeepLimitBuyOrderOpen" : 7,
    "createTakeProfitOrder": "True",
    "takeProfitTrigger": 1.75,
    "takeProfit" : 0, 
    "createStopLoss": "False",
    "stopLossTrigger": 0.65,
    "stopLoss" : 0,
    "panicSell" : "True",
    "sellTimerMode" : "False",
    "time": 10,
    "limitPriceMultiplier" : 0.8,
    "detectionMode": "False",
    "telegramGroupName": 0,
    "discordChannelId": ["0"]

KuCoin Pump and Dump with a bot spike in the first second, followed by a dump and a much higher pump.

And here was my result:

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