๐Ÿ“ฒPumpBot: TelegramAPI.json

PumpBot only! This is for the Telegram API - To connect the PumpBot to your Telegram Account

Only needed for the PumpBot.

You only need to do this once on the setup. And we recommend to use the Telegram API for the Detection.

The telegramAPI.json

Below you see the telegramAPI.json. If you want to use the Telegram API you need to enter the following things: TelegramAPI, TelegramHash and your phone number in the international format, that means starting with a + at the beginning. All the Values need to entered between the quotation marks, only the TELEGRAM_API doesnt need the quotation marks.

   "TelegramAPI": TELEGRAM_API,
   "TelegramHash": "TELEGRAM_HASH",
   "TelegramPhoneNumber": "+PHONENUMBER"

Get your Telegram API Keys

The easiest way is to follow the instructions in the video below. As platform select web.

The same as above just with pictures

So first we need to go to: https://my.telegram.org/auth this is what you on the first picture below. Enter your phone number and hit "Next". Telegram will send you an authorization/confirmation token which you need to enter.

Next we select the "API development tools" as you can see on the second picture below.

Enter an App title and a short name, select web as platform, as url www.telegram.org and click create application Now you can copy your api_id and api_hash into the telegramAPI.json file. And you are done. Now the Bot can read your Telegram Chats. As platform you can select web or app, I think that doesnt makes a difference.

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