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PumpBot - Introduction
Here you will find everything you need to know about how to use your PumpBot (Free, Basic and Telegram). Latest Version: PumpBot_281021

FREE PumpBot for Crypto Pump and Dumps

The Difference between the FREE PumpBot and the Start, Advanced and Pro Plan is the amount you are able to invest per Trade. With the FREE PumpBot you can invest upto 30 USDT per Trade or the BTC equivalent. For KuCoin and Gate.io the coin pair is in USDT while for Binance the coin pair is in BTC.
Dont have downloaded the FREE PumpBot yet? Head over to our Discord Server and download your FREE copy! And then come back here and see how you too can win with it.
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First of all: Thanks for your Trust in PumpBot! You are now part of this Project and your contribution helps to advance this project! :-)
Read through the whole Documentation and you know how to operate the PumpBot and how to make profit with it.

PumpBot Bots Overview

At PumpBot we currently offer the following Bots. The PumpBot is already working while the other two will follow soon :-)


This is the best Bot to buy and sell very fast at Pump and Dump events on the Exchanges Binance, KuCoin and Gate.io. You can use market or limit orders to buy and sell. Also the Coin gets detected automated from Telegram Groups. (soon Discord detection will be added)

Pancakeswap SniperBot / Front Running Bot

Alpha: This Bot is for the Pancakeswap Plattform. The address gets detected automated from Telegram channels and you can set your Parameters for the buy up front. This Project is current in the Alpha testing!

Coin Listings Bot

Alpha: This Bot will buy new listed Coins as fast as possible to make a nice profit. This Project is current in the Alpha testing.

First Things First

Please read the following two important Hints! This is for all PumpBot Versions, from Free to Telegram.
Your Coins are save and cant be stolen! You have the permissions over your API Keys and what is possible with them. Give the right permissions (allow only to trade or read and write) and your Coins are save and cant be transferred to another Wallet.
Some computer could think that the program is a virus, because it is from an unknown source or because the program tells the computer to do things like open the web browser. That is completely normal, because our PumpBot have to tell what your computer should do. It isnt a virus. If you still have fear and don't trust us you can set up the PumpBot in a special invironment. Googel for it :)

Quickstart and Installation

Find the Free Download

Here is where you can find the Download of the FREE PumpBot within our Discord Channel.

Starting the Bot


  • Extract the folders of the bot you want to use (unzip the .zip-files)
  • copy the LicenseKey into license.json the item name is usually already given (not for the FREE Version)
  • Save your API keys in the keys.json file. A simple text editor or notepad ++ is sufficient for this
  • Change the settings in config.json
  • Double click the .exe file (For some, the antivirus program could work. That has to do
    with licensing, since the Bot has to read out the device name to check whether you are
    the rightful owner.)
  • -> DONE

MacBook (Apple M1 und Intel):

  • Extract the ZIP file
  • Enter the data in the .json files
  • Open a terminal and use the command "cd" to navigate to the folder in which you
    unzipped the zip. (https://www.macworld.com/article/221277/command-line-
  • Start the bot with the command “./BOTNAME”
  • -> DONE
If you want the simplicity of windows you could go with a virtual machine such as Parallels or a solution shown on macworld (see below).
Parallels Desktop for Mac
Best virtual machine software for Mac 2021
Macworld UK
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