Market Orders: buyLimit = 1.0

Using Market Orders to Buy

Using a buyLimit = 1.0

If you set the buyLimit higher than 1.0 a limit order will be placed. This may mean that your manual quoted is not completely filled (see Limit Buy Orders). If you set the buyLimit to a Value smaller or equal to 1.0 the PumpBot will do a Market Order at the current Price which always will be filled! Market Orders are filled faster by the exchange, because they dont need to be placed at the Orderbook. They are matched with an exiting Seller from the Orderbook. Market Orders dont have a PrePump Protection!

This doesnt work for and Hotbit! and Hotbit have not Market Orders. That is why you will always have a Limit Order and the buyLimit has to be greater than 1.0.

New Coin Listings

For the new coin listings market orders arent possible. On all Exchanges the buying with Market Orders isnt possible.

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