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Pump Detector/Catcher Bot

This is a short explanation about the Pump Detector Bot or also called Pump Catcher Bot. In short: It is able to detect the admins doing pre pumping (aka early buying before the official Announcement)
from the official PumpBot Website: here

What is a Pump Detector Bot?

That is easy if you are familiar with Pump and Dump. If not go back to "What is Pump and Dump" and read that first.
In almost every Pump there are Admins that buy the coin before the announcement and that is what the Bot we offer is able to detect. We call this "PrePump" or "Kick start orders" which rises the price before they release the Coin name.
Here is an example for an bad Gate.io Pump - but the PrePump is very good to see:
Gate.io PrePump Detection Bot
You see the first green candle that pumps the price by 50% right before they announce the coin. The Pump Detector Bot is able to detect that prepump and places an order immediately. This means you are in the Pump before all others know it 😁
In this case you could have made up to 70% of Profits!