This is where you do all your settings regarding the crypto signals.

The userSettings.json

This is the explanation for the userSettings.json. This is pretty simple, but can give you a lot of variety to mix the signals settings with your own prefered settings. For example you could use your own leverage instead of the Signals given leverage.

  "fundsPerTrade": 10,
  "mode": "SignalSettings", 
  "numberOfTakeProfits": [1,2],
  "stopLoss": 1.9,
  "takeProfit": [0], 
  "trailingStopLoss": 0,
  "leverage": 10,
  "closePositionAfterXMinutes": 48000,
  "maximumNumberOfSignals": 7,
  "entryType": "WAIT_FOR_ENTRY",
  "deviation": 0.2,
  "cancelTrade": 3600,
  "cancelTradeWords": ["Cancel", "Close", "Closed", "Cancelled"],
  "blackListCoins": [""],
  "keyWordsSignal": ["TP","SL","ENTRY", "DIRECTION","COIN"],
  "marginMode": "isolated",
  "moveSL": ["1,Entry"]

- example values!
settingmeaning / explanation


How many USDT you want to invest per trade. E.g. 10 USDT per Trade


Most Important! decide between

  • "SignalSettings" and

  • "MySettings".

With "MySettings" you use the following settings for TP, SL, TSL and Leverage.


Check the extra page on how to use this.


Check the extra page on how to use this.


The Stop Loss as percent. In this case 1.3%. If you don't want to use the StopLoss and the Signals Stop Loss just enter 0.


The Trailing Stop Loss in percent. If you don't want to use it just use "None". if you want to use it: 1.5 for 1.5%.


Enter the leverage as whole number like 10. If you are above the exchange maximum the Bot will adjust to that exchange maximum. If you don't want to use the leverage and the Signals Leverage just enter 0.


After how many minutes the Bot should automatically close an open position.


How many open trades at a time the bot is allowed to have. If you have reached the maximum number of open trades the bot will skip the new signal.


Decide between:



  • "ASAP",

  • "RANGE" and


NEW: decide if you want to take only long or only short trades. Just add "SHORT" or "LONG" to the key words above.


This is based on your "entryType" settings -> see next pages


The time after an unfilled order with



will be cancelled. Entry is in minutes. Entering a 0 (zero) will disable this.


The bot is able to cancel not yet opened trades on certain key words. Just write down the key word a message needs to contain for a trade to be cancelled. Example: ["close", "closed"] -> the bot will cancel the trade when the words "close" OR "closed" are in a message together with a coin/ticker symbol.


If you don't want the Bot to trade specific coins. The Bot will ignore and skip these coins. Example: ["BTC", "ETH", "LTC"], just add them in between "".


Specify the what the signal needs to contain to be traded by the bot: default is: ["TP","SL","ENTRY", "DIRECTION","COIN"],

  • "ONELINE" -> for one line signals,

  • "DUP"-> if the bot finds more than one value for Entry or SL

see Signal Group Settings -help


Choose between the margin modes "isolated" (standard and secure option) and "Cross". If you are new to trading please only use "isolated". "Cross" is more dangerous and should only be used if you understand the concept.


Bitget ONLY (Bybit soon): move the stop loss when a take profit is hit. Example:

  • ["1,Entry"]: The bot will move the stop loss to entry price when TP1 is hit

  • ["2,1"]: The bot will move the stop loss to TP1 price when TP2 is hit.

  • The logic is as follows: ["which TP was hit, where to move the SL]

  • Attention: you need enough TPs for this!

Trailing Stop Loss

The trailing stop loss works (TSL or tsl) in the boundaries with the TP and SL. If you TP gets triggered your order is sold. You can solely use the trailing stop loss if you want.

Example: I want to use a different leverage

This is an example if you just want to use a different leverage but the rest should be from the signal. In this case you put stopLoss and takeProfit as 0 and just change the leverage as you want. Pretty simple ๐Ÿ˜Š

  "fundsPerTrade": 10,
  "mode": "MySettings", 
  "numberOfTakeProfits": 1,
  "stopLoss": 0,
  "takeProfit": [0], 
  "trailingStopLoss": "None",

Multiple Take Profits

๐Ÿฅ‰pageMultiple Take Profits/Targets

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