🀫New Coin Listings Secrets

This is a must read for all that what to know the secrets of new coin listings.

Below you see the Difference between what the Exchange (KuCoin in this Case, but Gateio, Binance all look the same) shows you and what the Real Chart would look like. You can clearly see that It was just a Dump and a Sell off. No Buyers, no price increase and hence no profits to gain, no matter what you have done. That is why it is important to choose the right coin to invest in. You can just do every new coin Listing. At least half of them look like the one below. So here is a short list to differ between good and bad New Coin Listings, because the right New Coin Listing can make you 5200% Profit and that is what we aim for. Only to do the best and most profitable Listings.

How does the Exchange shows such a high difference?

Well, they (KuCoin, Gateio, etc.) will place an order with the volume of 1 USDT at the ICO price to make the graph look nice and to display a 4000% gain. Otherwise it would like what most projects really are: a complete sell off - like in the real graph shows above. Below you can see the first order for the ARB/USDT new listing on KuCoin from 23.03.2023.

As you can see the first order is at 0.12$/coin with a volume of just 1.2$ while the next buyer has a price of 5$/coin - this is why there is always a high increase/ a high percentage. So, don't be fooled, do your research and earn big from the good projects πŸ”₯

A good new coin listing can look like this

This is what a good new Coin Listing can do. Turning 150 USDT into 8000 USDT or 5200% Profit!

πŸš€New Coin Listings: What makes a good new coin listing?

Here are a few topics that show us that the coin/project/token might be good:

  • The Coin IS NOT listed on another Exchange (hotbit, MEXC, Pancakeswap, ...) Why? What do you think? The Coin can be bought and sold at the Exchange. I think this is Clear.

  • It is listed in multiple Pairs (Coin/ETH, Coin/BTC, ...). This is based on the experienced we had.

  • It has many followers and likes on coingecko.com, twitter and other social media platforms. Just check the Platforms and compare them.

  • Good looking Website: attracts more investors. If the Website looks grab, no one will buy in.

  • The Project itself. Many Companies do an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to collect money from Investors. It is like an IPO, only that those companies doesnt full fill the criteria for an IPO. So they will only Sell their coins, and we would have more Sellers than Buyers. This is most important!

Or from a PumpBot Member:

Some other thoughts what does make a good new coin listing: "Just so that once everyone understands (even if it has already been said), my investment rules in order:

  1. >1k-1.5k likes on coinmarketcap

  2. >50k likes on Twitter and/or discord

  3. Never listed CEX or DEX

  4. No presale unlocked just before (except small public presale like startup on gate)

If and only if the 4 points are fulfilled then I continue the research by joining their discord/telegram to learn about the project, if 1 of the 4 points is not fulfilled I don't invest In the end there are not many projects that pass the 4 points, I found 3 on gate in 1 whole month but the 3 but made minimum 250%.

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