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What is a Gate io/KuCoin New Coin Listings Crypto Bot?

Here you learn about Gate.io/KuCoin New Coin Listings or New Coin Announcements for Binance, KuCoin and Gate.io. This is a very special Crypto Bot for this purpose.
Example for a new coin listing on Gate.io

What is a new coin Listing or new Token Listing?

Below you see how a new Coin Listing or new Coin Announcement works. In this 10s Chart you see how the Price rises from $1 to $3 and then back to $1.6 per Coin. Everything within 30 Seconds! With our Crypto bot for new coin announcements it is possible to catch those profits! In a real Test our Bot was able to Buy in at $1.24 per Coin and we sold 25 seconds later at $2.5 per Coin. That is a profit of 101% within a few seconds and that fully automated :-)
New Coin Listing / New Coin Announcement on Gate.io
This Crypto Bot is much easier too use than the PumpBot because the settings are smaller and you dont need to do anything when you want to buy a new coin. This is all handled by the Crypto Bot, you only need to decide how and when you want to sell! Isnt that easy? And the best New Coin Listings or New Coin Announcements offer a much higher Volume that is why you can invest more money into the Trades!
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How do new Coin Listings on Binance, KuCoin or Gate.io work?

A new coin listing describes the point in time at which a new cryptocurrency can be traded for the first time on an exchange such as Binance, Kucoin or Gate.io. This new coin listings announcement is usually made 48 to 12 hours in advance. As soon as the coin is available, the price increases rapidly. With the new coin listings announcement there is information about this new cryptocurrency which will be available soon. If neither of the other two exchanges has this coin or token, the price usually rises even higher!

Why do you need a Crypto Bot?

Some are losing so some are making money on these new coin listing announcements. The some who make the most money are the Bot users. Out of the bot users, the most efficient and fastest ones win. Here enters our Crypot Bot for new Coin Announcements. It automatically buys the coin or token as soon as possible and executes the buy order in milliseconds. This makes the one and only PumpBot the best and most profitable for new coin listings on Binance, KuCoin and Gate.io.

Where do I find the new coin announcements for Gate.io and KuCoin?

This is easy. Two ways to find the new coin announcements for Gate.io. The first is just open the mobile App and click on "new". You now see the new coin listings and the start time for the trading time (see picture below). The same way you can find new Coin Listing or new Coin Announcements for KuCoin, just go to the mobile App.
New Coin Listings Gate.io/New Coin Announcements Gate.io for our Crypto Bot Trading
New Coin Listings KuCoin/New Coin Announcement KuCoin for our Crypto Bot Trading
new coin Announcements Gate io
Token Listing | news | KuCoin
new coin Announcements KuCoin

Where do I download the Crypto Bot for new Coin Listings?

Just go to our Discord Server and download the latest Version from the free-bot-download channel or from the announcements channel.

Free Crypto Bot

We offer a Free Crypto Bot for new Coin Listings announcements on our Discord. The difference to the paid subscriptions is the amount you can invest per trade. The Free Bot is fixed to 20 USDT.
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Free Crypto Bot New Coin Listings Download

The real new token listings: KuCoin New Coin Listing Example

Below you see the result of one of the first "NewCoinListingBot" Tests. You that you can make a really good profit. Even better when you sell at the right time - which I wasnt able to do in this new token listing :-D
I was able to achieve a profit of about 15%, but as you can see at the graph the price did even risen more! I sold through an automatic Limit Order with 15% profit at $0.089. But the price climbed further to $1.49. So I could easy make 91% Profit.
New Coin Listing on Gate.io from the 01.11.2021
Many User only see the first candle at the beginning and a price increase of 1000% or more. This is not what is possible with this. Those are Insider prices for market makers and so on. So you should check coinmarketcap or a other plattform where the coin is listed and for which price. The crypto bot is able to buy in lower than the listed price. But not at the very bottom. So keep this in mind, that the orderbook - the buy in - is available after around 10 to 20 seconds to the public. So you can make easy a few hundred percent with a new coin listing, but we dont think that 1000% are possible.
new coin listing gate.io CUMMIES

Want to see how much Profits you can make?

There you go. With our New Coin Listings Bot you can make 300% or more with only one Trade. GMM turned 459 USDT into 918 USDT 🙌

How to use the New Coin Listings Bot