PumpBot Guide

Error Handling

Here you can find out everything you need to know about how to deal with errors.

Start - Error Handling

The bot was designed in such a way that all relevant errors are intercepted and presented in an understandable manner. Enter directly in the window or in the logfile.txt.
So try to resolve the error yourself before you write to us. Google after the specified error and take the appropriate action

The bot just closes

This happens quite often if the API keys entered are incorrect. So first check whether the keys are correct, have the correct permissions and whether these IP are restricted. If you have problems with the API keys, we cannot help you because we do not have access to your account.
Another common mistake is a "timestamp" error. Then you have to synchronize your computer time, because your computer time is too different from that of the exchange. Google how to do this for your computer.

How to Contact us

You should only contact us about an error in an emergency. So that we know that you have read the documentation, please send us the following information in the order given, otherwise we will not process your request. If everyone writes to us with little things and wants help, we no longer have time to deal with the further development of the bot or we would have to make higher prices or something similar.
Order for the information we need from you: what did you do? Which coin was used, add pictures and videos and finally send us the logfile.txt.