๐Ÿ“–Guide: Pump Dump Bot

MUST READ: Advice if you are new to Pump and Dump or new to the Pump Dump Bot. So yes, you have to read this - all you need to know you'll find here.

Important Notes: MUST READ!!

Make sure you entered your license Key and item Id correct, so that the Bot doesn't display "FREE User".

Exclude the Folder where you run the bots from your windows defender. Otherwise it could be that Windows will kill the bot while it is working...

If you are unsure about this you can always use the program on a VPS/Virtual machine.

We recommend that you don't risk too much for your first pump and dump with one of our bots. You are new and not yet familiar with the pump bot. Therefore, see the first pump and dumps as an exercise before you use more money. There are so many emotions, the adrenaline and so on. Just use the first pump signals as test, try different settings until you found your own trading style. In the end the patient PumpBot members are the most profitable ones ;-)

For Questions you can always ask the Community on the PumpBot Discord Server. The less you ask me (the developer), the more time I have for further developments of the bots and I can make new functions available for you :-)

Always do a test with the Bot in the manual Mode (detectionMode="False") and buy a Coin from a past Pump or a coin like 'ETH'. This way you know how the PumpBot works and if everything is correct. A Pilot also does a check of his plane, so you should do. Also please be logged in into your Account at all time so you can intervene at everytime.

Youtube Guide for PumpBot:

PumpBot: DONE

And that's it. This is how a real Pump and Dump with our Bot works. I suggest that you do some practice with the PumpBot, before you use larger amounts. Otherwise your emotions could take over and you could make a mistake and hence a loss. So, a little bit of practice is always good :-)

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