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PumpBot Autotrade

The first fully automated 24/7 trading bot made by PumpBot. Switch it on and let it run of a few days.

What is this?

This Bot is based on the Gate.io Top Gainer Signals. BUT we added a technical indicator to improve the results. In this case an RSI.
Gateio Top gainers list and gateio trading bot for top gainers
-> you can use our predefinied settings if you want. This makes the Bot almost plug and play.

Autotrade Settings - in short.

This is bot is not completely finished due to the PumpBot Members feedback. So, I will go through is in short. 🙌

Predefined Settings for the Autotrade PumpBot: -> Exchange: Gateio

"maxVol": 125000, # max. 24h trade volume
"minVol": 50000, # min. 24h trade volume
"priceChange": 25, # min. price change in 24h
"priceChangeMax": 90, # max. price change in 24h
"updateInterval" : 25, # in seconds, dont go below 15s
"maxNumberOfTrades": 3, # max. number of open trades at a time
"manualQuote" : 30, # Quote Volume in USDT per Trade
"tsl": 15, # 15% trailing stop loss
"sl": 10, # 10% stop loss
"useRSI": "y", # Buy based on the RSI Settings or not "n"
"rsi": 20, # rsi value
"rsi_interval": "5m" # time interval
Let's step right into it.

First Settings: maxVol, minVol, priceChange, priceChangeMax, updateInterval

So, the first five entries let the Autotrade PumpBot search for the most volatile coins:
"maxVol": 125000,
"minVol": 50000,
"priceChange": 25,
"priceChangeMax": 90,
"updateInterval" : 25,
  • maxVol: maximum trading volume for a coin in the last 24h
  • minVol: minimum trading volume for a coin in the last 24h
  • priceChange: minimum price change for a coin in the last 24h
  • priceChangeMax: maximum price change for a coin in the last 24h (to filter out the newly listed coins for example)
  • updateInterval: the time in seconds to search for new coins which full-fill the criterions. Don't go below 15 Seconds or gateio might block your connection.
You can keep them like they are, nothing special to do here.

maxNumberOfTrades, manualQuote

"maxNumberOfTrades": 3,
"manualQuote" : 30,
  • maxNumberOfTrades: How many trades are open at the same time.
  • manualQuote: the amount in USDT the Bot will use per Trade.
So, really easy. Just calculate how much you are able to spend and enter the values accordingly.

The Settings for Stop Loss and Trailing Stop Loss:

"tsl": 15,
"sl": 15,
  • tsl: stands for trailing stop loss. you enter the amount in %. In this case it is 15%.
  • sl: stands for stop loss. It is placed under your buy price. 15% under your buy price in this case. You can stop the trade early if it goes in the wrong direction. If you want to disable it just use 99.
You can adjust those values to your needs.

Technical Indicator: RSI Settings

And as last the stoch RSI settings for the final buy signal: This might get a little bit complex now. But you can let this settings as they are.
Gateio Top Gainers with RSI - Our Gateio trading bot with RSI to trade gainers
"useRSI": "y",
"rsi": 20,
"rsi_interval": "5m"
The Autotrade PumpBot will buy, when the RSI_k is above the slow RSI_d and both are above the value of "rsi" in this case 20. This indicates a strong upward trend and that is when we want to buy! So the first is the is the RSI value as explained above. If you dont want to use the RSI to buy do:
"useRSI": "n",
The second is the "rsi_interval", which is the time frame for the stoch RSI calculation. In this case "5m" means 5 minutes. You can choose between "1m", "5m", "15m", "30m", "1h". For the internal calculation of the RSI the values of window = 14, smooth1 = 3, smooth2 = 3 are used. You dont have to play with this values. Just keep them as they are.Investment Limits:

Gateio Trading Bot Limits for Members:

FREE: Not available - yet.
Starter, Advanced, Pro, Ultimate and Lifetime: No Limits at all!